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Why this site was down (2014-10-27) The last 3 weeks we could not upload this site due to some problems within the design. The firm that did it already closed or we could not find the people behind it. It turned out to be a blessing in disguise. We did the first step to revise this site (which is loooooooong overdue) to serve you better. Its revision will take sometime but the ball has already started rolling. You will see a better one sooooooooon
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Splendor of the night and light pollutionPenelope A. Domogo, MD

“ Some governments, like Australia, Czech Republic and many national parks in the United States, have recognized the folly of disrupting Mother Nature’s design and have enacted light control laws to protect the night sky, protect wildlife in national parks and ensure that people experience the real nighttime sky.”Read moreDisaster preparedness training in ParacelisBy Funny B. Fiadcong

AnonatRead moreMP police officer make his kakailyan proudAlpine L. Killa

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